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The Veronicas are an electropop pop-rock duo based in Australia. Twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso formed the duo in 2004 in Brisbane. They have their own line of clothing which was released in 2007.

They have released two studio albums, the first being The Secret Life of… in 2005. It peaked at #2 on the Australian charts and gained an ARIA certification of four times platinum, for 280,000+ sales. The Secret Life of… spawned five singles, including three top ten singles in Australia.

The Veronicas released their second album Hook Me Up in 2007; it peaked at #2 on the Australian charts and earning a certification of two times platinum. The album has had four Australian top ten singles released from it to date. The album’s title track, “Hook Me Up“, was The Veronicas’ first number one single in Australia.

Early years

Born to Italian-Australian parents Colleen and Joseph, Jessica became the older one by one minute [1], they grew up in Albany Creek. Jessica and Lisa also performed in small parts on various television shows, including a recurring role in the short-lived 2001 Australian children’s series Cybergirl. They later appeared on the American Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody where they portrayed twin sisters ‘Sapphire’ (Lisa) and ‘Emerald’ (Jessica). They have also appeared on Neighbours, the Aussie serial drama. On their 18th birthday, Jessica received her first guitar, at which time the sisters began writing and singing songs. They formed the group Teal with friends Tracy Woods and R. Viknes.[2] The group experimented with different sounds and genres working with songwriter producer Shaneal and Anthony Martin, releasing a song called “Baby It’s Over” which received minor airplay in Brisbane.


In 2004, Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso were introduced to the Music Director of The Bell Hughes Music Group (BHMG), Hayden Bell. After producing some demo recordings with the twins, Bell invited them to sign a publishing agreement with Excalibur Productions (a subsidiary of BHMG). In the process, Bell helped facilitate their progression in musical style from acoustic pop to the more rhythmic rock pop approach that is now their trademark. On the strength of these demos, Bell took them to meet the executives at Engine Room (a subsidiary of PBL (Packer) Group) and they were immediately signed to a production deal.

To further develop their song writing skills, Bell connected them with several internationally acclaimed songwriters and producers including Clif Magness (who has written for Avril Lavigne), Billy Steinberg (Madonna, Cyndi Lauper), Max Martin (Britney Spears, Katy Perry, P!nk), Eric Nova, Dead Mono and Vince DeGiorgio, where they created a catalogue of over 50 songs.[3]

Meetings were then arranged with Warner Bros. Records in the USA. Seymour Stein and senior executives recognised that Bell had indeed discovered and developed a musical talent, signing them quickly to a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records/Sire America, for a reported sum of 2 million dollars.[4]

Bell then took one of The Veronicas’ songs titled “All About Us” and placed it with the Russian girl group t.A.T.u; it became a massive worldwide hit. In Australia, he placed the song “What’s Goin’ On” with Casey Donovan and the song “Faded” for Kate DeAraugo. Both of these artists were winners of the Australian Idol Competition.[5] “What’s Going On” was also placed by Bell on the Japanese pop singer Miz’s album.[2] And “Faded” was also placed on German electronica group Cascada’s album Perfect Day.

Band name

Issue (#167) of the Veronica comic book which featured The Veronicas

Regarding how they chose their name, Jess Origliasso stated: “The name is something we thought about for a short time, and we wanted it to be a girl’s name, but we didn’t want it to be ‘the Jesses.’ We were very conscious of not wanting to make it a twin thing, because we don’t think that’s really cool.” “We didn’t want it to be called ‘the Lisas,’ either,” singer Lisa Origliasso added. “So one day we saw the movie Heathers, and there’s a line where Christian Slater asks, ‘Are you a Heather?’ and Winona Ryder’s character answers, ‘No, I’m a Veronica,’ and so we went with that, because she was this kind of cool, unique chick with an attitude.”

However, some believe that Archie Comics character Veronica Lodge had some influence on the naming, including people at Archie Comics themselves, who launched legal action against the group for trademark infringement, in an attempt to stop them from using the name.] Archie comics had asked Warner Music Group to hand over all publicity rights and to pay US$200 million dollars in damages.[Of this amount $20 million dollars was for damages and $180 million as a penalty against Warner.] In a statement with New York Times Michael I. Silberkleit, chairman of Archie Comics Publications, Inc. stated,

The importance is the image of Archie, which everybody knows is good, clean, wholesome stuff,[…] Preventing unauthorized use of the name will protect both the characters and customers who have paid for licensing rights[…]”[9]

A settlement was reached that included a cross-promotion deal, including an appearance in an issue of their namesake Veronica’s comic book.[10] The issue (#167) featured a card with a code allowing a free download of their single “4ever” in MP3 form. A few months later, Archie and Friends (#100) featured The Archies meeting The Veronicas. The next issue of Archie and Friends (#101) also featured The Veronicas, with Archie as their biggest fan.TOURINGThe Veronicas are set to tour in Australia and New Zealand in 2010 between June/July:)

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