primary-ThePaperChaseGenre: Alternative rock

The Paper Chase (sometimes spelled “the pAper chAse”) is an alternative rock band formed in 1998 by well known producer/engineer John Congleton in Dallas, Texas, signed to Kill Rock Stars and Southern Records. Since its inception, The Paper Chase has produced a combination of discordant melody and jagged noise pop, described by Allmusic as “a jagged structure of avant-garde jazz, noise, indie, and punk”.[1]

Congleton has produced all the band’s material to date. He also wrote all of the material, with a few exceptions: Bobby Weaver co-wrote “A Face That Could Launch a Thousand Ships” and “Off with Their Heads” from the album Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know. Mike Sanger co-wrote “Throw Your Body on the Apparatus”, and Elliot Figg co-wrote “When You Least Expect It,” both from the aforementioned album.

Their next project is a two-part album centered around natural disasters. The first half, entitled Someday This Could All Be Yours (vol. 1 The Calamaties) will be released on May 26, 2009 through Kill Rock Stars Records. The album was available for purchase at a Dallas show on May 9.

Source: Wikipedia

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