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The Maine is an American Alternative band from Tempe, Arizona.


The Maine’s” original lineup was formed in 2007 by drummer Pat Kirch, Ryan Osterman, Alex Ross, bassist Garrett Nickelsen, and singer John O’Callaghan, while Pat and Garrett were still seniors in High School. [3] O’Callaghan was asked to join the band by Pat’s brother Tim Kirch, who also manages the band through his firm 8123 Management. Some of the bands biggest influences are Third Eye Blind, Ivory, Death Cab For Cutie,and The Starting Line. In the spring of 2007, they added Kennedy who sang in a band, called Last Call For Camden (now The Summer Set), and with whom The Maine had performed. That same year, Ryan Osterman left the band, to take another path in music. They eventually added Jared Monaco. The Maine got their name from a song called “Coast of Maine” by Ivory, one of the band’s general influences.


On May 8, 2007, the band self-released a digital EP called Stay Up, Get Down. Among the songs on the EP is “Count ‘Em One, Two, Three” which was later re-recorded for their first full-length album, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

The Way We Talk EP is their sophomore EP. They recorded a cover of Akon‘s hit song “I Wanna Love You” for both the Yo! Indie Rock Raps album and the Punk Goes Crunk album, even though it was also put in the EP.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop was their first full-length album which was released in the summer of 2008. It was produced by Matt Squire (Boys Like Girls, Panic at the Disco) [4][5]. Their first single off this album was “Everything I Ask For” for which they recorded a video. It was, technically, the first real video they had done, although they had recorded footage to make a music video for their song “Fresh” (later renamed “The Way We Talk”).

They released a holiday EP on December 9, 2008 titled “…And A Happy New Year”. Which included a cover of Wham!‘s song “Last Christmas” and three original songs by the band. The version of “Ho Ho Hopefully” that appears on this EP, however, is a re-recorded version they did with the band Eisley, where the original version featured Brighten. The band also made a home-made video for the original version.

The Maine released a deluxe version of their debut album, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, along with a digital documentary called “In Person” on July 14, 2009.

Although many of the listeners have considered their music to be based upon girls, during an interview, John O’Callaghan stated, that their songs are more about going through life and experience, and figure yourself out as a young person, and the same time falling in and out of relationships

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