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The teenage Essex boys of Stereo Decade are out to tell everyone what it’s like to be an 18-year-old in modern Britain.

The knowledge that they have already opened for McFly in front of 6,000 people gives an idea of where they are coming from in that ambition.

With a sound and style alarmingly like The Kooks, musical heroes like Kings of Leon and a 19 year old producer on board, they deliver obvious simple tales.

Train Ride is about a journey on a train for example, while their first single Slow Down, out on Monday, in about a relationship that’s developing too fast.

The lyrics are simple, the music straightforward, but that never stopped Busted or McFly.

Having met studying A Level music, they rehearsed at a youth club, recorded their first tracks at a 25p an hour studio and played their first gig in a school assembly hall.

Now they are out on their first UK tour and will be back in London to play the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Tuesday.

They’ve put university plans on hold to try out a musical career – will they ever get there?

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