primary-RikkBeattyTH50Genre: Orange Clinician

Rikk Beatty is a multi award winning Pacific Northwest guitar player. He has 8 instrumental albums out in various styles including his latest release “Guitar Farm”. Rikk is also the USA clinician for Digitech doing over 180 clinics a year coast to coast. His 3 piece instrumental bands tours the USA and he has shared the stage with many top national bands. He has been playing guitar now for over 20 years and is endorsed by companies such as Orange Amplifiers, Ibanez, guitars, Dimarzio, Digitech, Dean Markley, Pedal Train, Pedalsnake, Pro Stage Gear, and In Tune Guitar Picks.

Live, Rikk uses the Orange Thunderverb 50 and two 4×12 Orange cabs and on his clinic tour uses the Thunderverb 50 head and two Orange 1×12 cabs. “Orange has now become an un-replaceable part of my tone and I absolutely could not live without it” said Rikk.

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