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2013 has been a successful year for the Orange Brand. More and more emerging markets, particularly Asian markets, are keen for Orange to be a part of their sales lines.

Russia stands astride the two continents of Europe and Asia. This important market represents huge potential in promoting the Orange Brand to millions of guitar enthusiasts the length and breadth of this huge country.

Recently, a large dealer seminar was conducted in which Orange featured prominently. I spoke to Oleg Ivanov, who represents our Russian dealers, and asked him a few questions in relation to this very successful event.

Neil: Hi Oleg, thanks for taking the time out to speak to me. Who organised this event for dealers in Russia?

Oleg:  Hi Neil – No problem, I’m happy to help. The event was organised by our new Russian partner who joined two other distributors and chain retailers – ATTrade is one of the oldest distributors working in Russian market (allegedly the biggest distributor in Europe, definitely the biggest in the Eastern Europe.)

NM: What sort of things were covered at the seminar?

OI: Attrade presented their main product lines. Due to the activities of the PR department of the Russian representation office of Orange Amps, it turned out that the Orange products dominated the scene. The whole range was represented both top end of the line including the most popular amps and cabs amongst world famous artists such as the Rockerverb and PPC412 to the entry level such as the Micro Terror.

The latter was a super eye catcher which, going by the comments I received from the sales people present, will be an enormous success and were most interesting to the Attrade dealers and sales people in terms of potential sales revenues as well as the Orange Crush range.


An Attrade representative demos the Orange product line to top Russian dealers

NM: When did it run from and to?

OI: It was an all day event. The meeting started at 10 am and lasted till 7 pm with a lunch break and wine reception afterwards. Amazingly enough, nobody was drunk at all!

NM: Who attended the event?

OI: Mostly Attrade dealers, local music shops and sales managers from the Attrade retail chain which covers a large part of the country.

NM: How successful do you feel the event was?

OI: Well, people were very interested to see Orange products and for many of them there was great excitement as the brand is very well known from the early days of Orange. Now they could actually meet the products, “in person.” One of the attending guys a very good guitar player did a demonstration on the fly connecting a Micro Terror to PPC412 and the whole audience was astonished.

He then turned on the Rockerverb to show what this beast can do! I’d say it went very well!

NM: Many thanks for your time Oleg. Much appreciated.

OI: You’re welcome. Have a good one.

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