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Mississippi Witch are a three-piece band, and self proclaimed inventors of the drug wave gypsy guitar solo and Buffalo turn. Original members – Oli Walker and Dan Danby were later joined by Producer/Engineer Ali Chant as the third member.[2]

A band that delivers desert sickness to the once clean untainted brain, an American born two piece now extended to three, the walls may sweat and the vultures may circle but all we use is spit vinegar. Responsible for the buffalo wave gypsy guitar solo and the infamous birth of Horse Abraham. The band had been championed by XFM‘s John Kennedy and Guy Garvey from Manchester band Elbow, who called them ‘my new favourite band’.

Mississippi Witch released their debut album, Black Gamble, in February 2008 on RedCob Recordings[3] and Colony2 Records.[4] The album was recorded at Toybox Studios[1]in Bristol and produced by Oli Walker and Ali Chant. The album received widespread critical acclaim from both sides of the Atlantic. In a 5 star review of Black Gamble for Venue Magazine, Tim Bailey praised single Just for Roosevelt’ in particular, hailing it ‘three minutes of raw-eyed punk blues that flattens Jon Spencer Blues Explosion‘s entire back catalogue with a single leaden blow.’[5] .

Swamp rocking duo Mississippi Witch inhabit a world where black-hearted men, gap-toothed women, liquor, guns and old time religion collide with combustible results. Oli Walker’s fabulously raw vocals and rusty string guitar slashes recall Leadbelly and Tom Waits jamming with The White Stripes: filthy Rock &Roll doesn’t come much purer than this..
Paul Branningan, Q Magazine

Mississippi Witch have earned themselves diverse comparisons from the music press with Queens of The Stone Age, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Leadbelly, Frank Zappa, Johnny Cash, and AC/DC

Second as yet untitled album, due for release in 2010.

Source: Wikipedia


Source: Wikipedia

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