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The super-group tag is thrown around much too often nowadays, but Men Eater definitely includes the cream of the crop of the current Portuguese underground movement. The band shares musicians with well-known groups as For The Glory, Blacksunrise, Riding Panico and Mushin, but Its so much more than your average side-project it almost hurts.

The idea of getting it together was born in a pretty casual way though in the back of a van, while driving back home from a festival in Spain. S??rgio (vocals), Miguel (guitars), Carlos (guitars) and Carlos BB (drums) were just bouncing ideas and, all of a sudden, it struck them as a bolt of lightning…. why dont we start a project together?. It took shape in a day and became a reality on the next, more or less a year ago. No big plans to conquer the world or anything, just a shared love for good music and enough inspiration to start writing the first songs almost immediately As simple as that.

After some months of work and with bass player Jo??o already on board, they decided to record the first five songs which were quickly self-released as an EP. The sound contained on ??Men Eater?? a vicious bomb of sludge/crust riffs mixed with stoner and ambient influences hit the scene like a musical tsunami, a huge wave capable of causing chaos and confusion amongst the fans and media. To draw comparisons is always unfair, specially for musicians as sincere as these, but just try to picture this A Kyuss/Mastodon hybrid, obsessed by Converge and Isis, doing Led Zeppelin and Mot??rhead covers on a sweaty rehearsal room. Hard, isnt it?

Well, the image you get wont be too far from the truth or the energy the band conveys on a live setting. Gigging pretty regularly, the quintet played all over the country sharing stages with names so diverse as The Ocean or Madball and, by the time they started writing new songs, the buzz all around was already overwhelming. Unfortunately around the same time the band decided to split with S??rgio, but that didnt stop them either.

Fuelled by the excellent reactions they were getting, the four musicians with guitar player Miguel now also handling vocal duties faced the composition of new material with a newborn confidence. ??HELLSTONE??, the debut full-length record, is a perfect reflection of that. The album contains ten powerful songs, which were build on the foundation already set on the EP while also bringing a whole lot of different influences to the table. ??HELLSTONE?? was recorded at the infamous Blacksheep Studios by Makoto Yagiu (of If Lucy Fell fame), mixed at the Red Room Recording, Seattle, by Chris Common (these arms are snakes / mouth of the architect / the coma recovery) and mastered by Ed Brooks (isis). Prepare yourself for a highly contagious mix of sludge/doom with expanding sonic landscapes

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