primary-lowerpromopicii5Genre: Punk Rock Grunge


Having spent the majority of 2009 holed up in bedrooms and rehearsal spots, writing and demoing the twelve brand new tracks that comprise this first full length, Lower Than Atlantis spent three weeks of long nights throughout September and October in a printing factory in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, recording their creations with the assistance of skilled newcomer producer/engineer Daniel Lancaster.

With work on the self-financed album complete, Lower Than Atlantis sought out a suitable label home for the release, eventually striking up a partnership with WAYD. “We wanted to work with a label that really believes in these songs and who understand where we are coming from as a band,” says singer/guitarist Mike Duce. “We have done everything connected with this album ourselves so we’re really precious about it, but the guys at WAYD seemed to really get who we have become and where we are headed, and like they would take good care of the release.”

An energetic and compelling collection of angular guitars, infectious hooks and incisive lyricisms, FAR Q will be released via Wolf At your Door on MARCH 29th, 2010.

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