primary-LethargyGenre: Rock

This is a band that merges two highly valuable commodities; that’s riff driven hard rock and seriously impressive, some might say spellbinding, musicality. Sure, it’s been a long time coming but, thank god, they’ve finally arrived and in some style too.

Born and raised in South Wales, Neath to be precise, this four-man crew has hauled themselves up by their boot straps with one specific and infinitely noble goal in mind – to become one of the best groups of their generation. It’s a tall order, but ambition and drive is something these guys have in spades. That’s not to say Lethargy are boxing above their weight – clearly they have it in them to lay waste to the competition but they want to win by pushing their own personal musical and personal boundaries to the max. And that’s a very good thing indeed.

Phil Humphreys – vocals. lead guitar: Andrew Hunt – vocals. rhythm guitar. Marc T. Jones – vocals. bass. Gareth Hunt – drums & percussion.

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