primary-Jon HardlessGenre: Indie Electro Rock

In early 2006 two friends Sean Shreeve (Bass) and Jon Hardless (Guitar) began their early careers like most musicians; crafting songs in their bedrooms. Soon the ideals and conventions of a traditional rock band set-up were wearing thin with the duo and they began to look for new and innovative ways to bring their vision of the way bands should sound to a future generation of listeners. Shreeve and Hardless immediately got to work crafting unconventional musical structures and electronic beats on their Playstation while layering lyrics, guitar and bass riffs over the top. Although the band was still in a very premature form the duo managed to convince vocalist Jason Mirchandani to come onboard and after scrapping their Playstation in favour of a laptop the group began hoaning their unique sound. Spectrum 7 were born!

After the departure of original drummer John Williams in June 2008, Spectrum 7 have had two alternating drummers Dan Kavanagh (Days of Worth) and Guy Davis (Reuben) when performing live. The line-up was completed recently when long time friend Graeme Healy joined the band.

The quartet’s genre defying live shows are a must. Although the Surrey based band have only been in existence for a short period, they have crafted over an albums-worth of material, played over a hundred shows and shared stages with the likes of Enter Shikari, Cage the Elephant, Frank Turner, Help She Can’t Swim, Meet Me In St. Louis.

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