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The Fun Lovin’ Criminals (often referred to by their initials, FLC) are an American alternative hip hop / alternative rock group from New York City. Their musical style is eclectic, covering such styles as hip hop, rock, funk, blues and jazz. Their songs often deal with life in a city, often explicitly New York City, but just as often urban life in general. They cover such issues as organized crime, recreational drug use, violence, poverty and politics. Their songs are often gritty or existentialist in nature but are just as often humorous or satirical. They are probably best known for their hit “Scooby Snacks” which features samples from films by Quentin Tarantino.

The band gained a large following internationally, notably in northwest Europe, around the release of their first two albums in the late nineties.
The band was formed in 1993 by Huey Morgan, Brian Leiser and Steve Borgovini after Leiser, who was already friends with Borgovini, met Morgan at the club where they both worked. They started playing together and would provide the entertainment for the club when a booked act failed to show up. It was during one of these stand-in gigs that they came to the attention of EMI and they were offered a record deal.

Their debut album, Come Find Yourself, was released in 1995 and while it was a commercial flop in the US it sold very well internationally, reaching #7 in the UK album charts.

In 1999, Steve Borgovini left the band. He was replaced by Maxwell Jayson aka Mackie, originally just temporarily in case Borgovini returned. The band’s third studio album, Loco was released in early 2001 and by this time it was clear that Borgovini was not going to return so a permanent replacement was found in the form of Mark Reid from Leicester, UK, who had previously worked with the band as Mackie’s technician.

The lineup has been stable since. And while their subsequent albums haven’t reached the successes of their earlier work  their next studio album was their first to chart outside the UK top 20 and even their “best of” compilation only reached #11 – they are occasionally touring and they have recorded new material. A new album is expected later this year.

In June 2008 they performed at the Glastonbury Festival playing on the Jazz World Stage, they last played the Festival in 1999, on the Pyramid Stage.

They released their sixth studio album on 1st March 2010, titled Classic Fantastic. A European tour is due to begin on 6th March 2010.

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