Friday Night Fever is an electronic pop band that thrills audiences with high energy and stellar performances. Their release of TGIF! earlier this summer brought attention to this highly regarded unsigned band. Despite their indie status, they are well on their way to main stream success, with a sound that can rival the very top disco pop bands out there. The band consists of five members from Fort Wayne Indiana and formed through two separate entities, Saving Litchfield and Nothing Less. Their merger brought to the pop scene an electrifying and crowd pleasing band, and they have only since continued to grow as musicians. While I can hardly say that the electronic pop scene is the best place to find soulful music, save for bands like Owl City, I do often find the genre to be memorable at the very least. Friday Night Fever solidifies this notion with dance like melodies and a charming swagger that is unforgettable.

Source: Wikipedia

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