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The three principal members of?? Faithless are Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo. Jazz acts as a vocalist in mostly rap format with lyrics that have strong spiritual or socio-political content. Bliss constructs most of the music herself electronically, but is talented in playing the piano, violin, saxophone and bass. Rollo heads and produces the band. Lead female vocals for many of their songs are performed by Pauline Taylor, who also performed lead vocals for singles Rollo released under his monikers Rollo Goes Mystic and Rollo Goes Spiritual.

As well as these three members, Faithless has employed a guest member for each album. Jamie Catto was an original member of the band, but left after their second album, Sunday 8PM. On their third album, Outrospective, Zo Johnston joined the lineup while their fourth album, No Roots saw LSK as Faithless member number four. The band often has various people do one-off features on their tracks, though one artist has managed to make a regular feature of her appearances. Singer Dido, who is Rollo’s sister, recorded her first studio track with Faithless, “Salva Mea”, and was reportedly paid with a curry. She has since featured on one track on each album, in order: “Flowerstand Man”, “Hem Of His Garment”, “One Step Too Far”, “No Roots” and finally “Last This Day”.

It was reported that Faithless were to split up after their latest tour in mid-2005. Speculation started after Rollo wrote in the liner notes of theNo Roots booklet “We set out thinking it would be our last album, feeling maybe we have had our time in the sun”.[1] However, a fresh clutch of live dates meant the tour actually lasted until December 2005. The band then released a greatest hits compilation, called Forever Faithless– The Greatest Hits, which reached number one in the UK.

Following the release of their greatest hits album, Faithless released a new studio album on 27 November 2006. The album, To All New Arrivals, from which the first single released was “Bombs”. The new album was followed by a major tour, The Bombs Tour.

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