primary-eleanor-academiaGenre: Rock

The Black Swan band members:

Eleanor Academia – Vocals, Solo Rock Keytar, Keyboards, Kulintang; Ben Mauro – Guitars; Larry Antonino – Bass; Oscar Seaton – Drums

SOULS FROM ASH – The Black Swan’s new stellar band debuts this year!

A very famous rock guitarist had listened carefully to one of??Elenor’s hard-driving songs and said, “Who was that playing the solos? That made me sweat! I was sweating!” He was describing The Black Swan’s solo Keytar and Keyboard playing – something to be experienced. Ea-The Black Swan (Elenor Academia): Musician, Mystic, Sage, Poet, Indie Rock Artistan whose music and philosophy is recognized as original commanding, Artistry which a new generation of music fans have embraced. Her love for authentic rock comes through in her songs – singing, composing, writing, playing, performing, arranging and producing. With her signature Voice and especially when blistering on her solo Rock Keytar, you experience the crunchy bite of the Les Paul guitar with vintage tubes, Avalon gear and Orange amps all attuned in perfect balance, pushing new sonic levels and adventure in ROCK.

Her music expresses the great literature, nature and expression of one’s authentic, Evolvian Soul. The Black Swan is also a multi-keyboardist, lyricist, virtuoso Kulintang world percussionist, songwriter, band leader and of all things, a martial artist. Simon Wright, CEO of VIRGIN Entertainment Worldwide proclaims her powerful artistry, “just absolutely brilliant!”

The Black Swan has written, arranged and produced two solo albums Jungle Wave (Columbia) and Global Conversations (Epic/Sony), with a No.1 Billboard Hit, Adventure, now an international house/mix cult club DJ Remix favorite, on ECutz’s ReWork Mix and DJ Naughty’s One Night In Berlin; producing and writing her CD Album Oracle of the Black Swan, losing her dearest band member, Braddo, going dark and enduring despair of such a painful loss. She is emerging with her newest solo CD album, WHEN YOU LIVE coming out this year debuting her new band, SOULS FROM ASH!

She is also currently doing a world tour with Ray Parker, Jr. and continues to collaborate and work with many multi-platinum and great artists. Some highlights: As a keyboardist, she fondly endears one night in Vancouver, Canada, trading 8 solos onstage with Joe Zawinul (Weather Report) for over 3,000 people on her song, One Dot World and receiving a standing ovation. Earlier, he had refused to have her play with the band as he wished to be the only keyboardist on stage, but quickly changed his mind after hearing her play.

As a vocalist she has recorded with Stewart Copeland (film composer and drummer with Rock Band-POLICE), Jay Chattaway (composer, Star Trek) and Rikki Rockett (POISON) on his solo album “Glitter;” As a master percussionist she has opened for the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl and Ojai Festival with her percussion ensemble, World Kulintang Institute; As a creative arts mentor – an Official U.S. Delegate Artist for Global Interactions’ Leadership Conference in China; continues to mentor everyone from Girl Scouts to Fortune 500 CEOs!! Whew! Yes, and she IS the same Eleanor Academia who kicks ass in martial arts.

Tirelessly passionate about music, in addition, her songs have also been featured on a hit television show, films and has scored a feature film – writing, performing, arranging, engineering and producing…

AND NOW – If you are an Indie Artist who may wish to have millions of new fans and listeners, get your music and CD to her ASAP and she can help your career soar! She is the Artist Host, for THE LA MUSIC PIPELINE, her own on-air weekly Rock Radio show featuring the hottest new U.S. Indie Artists, Bands and Singer-Songwriters on big-FM, the No.1 CHR Radio Broadcast Network in Europe/Germany, with millions of listeners and huge demographic of 18-34 yr. olds. IN PRIMETIME!

If you haven’t experienced her mastery on the solo Rock Keytar; Keyboards; ancient 3rd century gongs – Kulintang; or her live rock show – you have a treat waiting for you. Bring your body and Elenor will rock your Soul.

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