primary-DisasterUs086_rev2Genre: Street Punk


Ripping up the U.S. underground punk scene nationally with a catchy British influenced street punk style, DISASTER Us (Ex-members of Dehumanized- New Red Archives, UK SUBS label) started in early 2006. Punk rock veteran Sol, the lead singer/ guitar player has a guitar style is that of Paul Weller meets Johnny Ramone, combining heavy British influence with American Punk rock. Laura Tomic on the bass has a very reminiscent style of early 80’s New York punk rock down stroking rhythms. Abe on drums ties it together with in your face all out attack drum pounding.The music is melodic, punk rock and roll early 80’s sounding. Check Disaster Us new full length release out on Nickel and Dime Records summer 2010 and previous releases on their own label Attic Tan Records.

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