primary-DavidWesterhoutDearZimPicGenre: Dance/Pop/Rock


Since early 2009 David Westerhout has been slowly infecting us with his catchy dance like hooks. Always keeping our bodies moving. Although Boston based now, this Zimbabwean born kid has been moving his way around the world living in almost any country imaginable. “I love to try combine as many catchy hooks as I can with different musical ideas from all my past experiences growing up in many different countries.” He started his career first off as a producer/engineer in the UK. Since then, using his skills in the studio to help him craft the music that we hear today. ” I just wanted to create a situation where I could use both my instrumental skills and my “console” skills, to create something that people could enjoy.” Writing, playing, recording and producing everything, this bright, blonde, boy is a talent to watch. Since then David has released his debut EP “Ready, Set, Dance!” as Dear Zim, and is slowly moving his way up in the scene after recruiting guitarist Randy Laskowski, and drummer Nick Audy to help put on a super high energy live show, that no one should miss.

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