primary-blk_jksGenre: Rock Dub Psychedelic

BLK JKS (pronounced Black Jacks) are a South African rock band from Johannesburg, formed in 2000.


Press has mostly been favorable. Rolling Stones online review rated the debut album three-and-a-half out of five stars; the review’s author states simply that when BLK JKS does “it their way, they sound like nothing else.[1] Likewise, Pitchfork Media also found a lot to appreciate in the album calling the project “a hugely ambitious album, with swooping forays into kwaito, ska, reggae, ambience, jazz, prog, and furor.” They gave the album a 6.2 rating.[2] But Pitchfork’s review was not all positive. The article stated that the band was not living up to the hype created by comparisons to other rock bands, like when a close associate called them the “African TV on the Radio.” [2] Aside from album reviews, BLK JKS have found success in an array of press mediums. In 2009, an African music outlet, released a video of the group featuring live performances as well as interviews exploring the unique personalities that make up BLK JKS. The video was well received by other global music outlets and fans alike.

Source: Wikipedia

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