primary-ArchitectsGenre: Technical Metal Hardcore

Architects are
Matt Johnson – Vocals, Tom Searle – Guitar, Tim Hillier-Brook – Guitar, Ali Dean- Bass, Dan Searle – Drums

Band Info
Architects, hailing from Brighton, were formed in the beginning of 2004 with a shared passion for anything metal. Drawing influences from bands such as Ion Dissonance, Botch, Decapitated and Deftones their music is designed to shave you a new face and leave you crying out for more.
Having already played shows with such bands as Napalm Death, Nile, Bring Me The Horizon and God Forbid and a full Uk tour with Beecher at such a young age, you can’t help but feel like theres something special going on.
Their demo, which was recorded earlier this year, began to display what the band were about, but with a mini album lined up for 2006 they are ready to show people what they are truely capable of creating.
Architects are undeniably unique, be sure you don’t miss out.

Architects debut CD entitled ‘Nightmares’ is now available on In At the Deep End Records, recorded at Elite Force One Studios (Three Stages Of Pain). 8 Tracks of full on technical metal / hardcore that takes no prisons

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