primary-nGenre: Death Metal / Thrash / Hard Core


Formed from the ashes of several local MI bands, And Hell Followed With has been progressing and pushing themselves to the top of not only the Michigan music scene, but of the entire US death metal and hardcore scene for the past 2 years.
Never having had anything handed to them, AHFW has overcome arduous lineup changes, van issues, money issues, conflicting members, and the many other problems that young bands encounter. AHFW has overcome all the obstacles that life has thrown at them, and the members finally have centered themselves around a comfortable writing style and set of core members to best showcase the band’s vast influences.
Combining the heart and intensity of hardcore with the gritty, brutal sound and dark themes of death metal/black metal, AHFW strives for excellence in what can at times, seem like a stagnant scene. Creating a strong fan-base that stretches from the Midwest to the West Coast, And Hell Followed With has forced their way into the many different scenes that blanket the country by always bringing a sheer sense of intensity on stage with them, wherever.
Having recently toured the midwest and west coast, And Hell Followed With have no intentions of resting or slowing down any time soon. With the recent release of their debut full length album “Domain”, AHFW plan on continuously touring the US for the time being to promote this new album.

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