primary-Amazing-Baby-Nov-08_1Genre: Classic Rock Stoner Rock

A Brooklyn-based quintet who broke out at this year’s SXSW on the strength of their free debut EP The Infinite Fucking Cross who have since gone on to open for Cold War Kids and MGMT. Bummed with their jobs working as ringtone designers, Will Roan and Simon O’Connor initially formed Amazing Baby as something to do after hours. “We would just sit around getting really wasted and work on songs, says Roan. We didn’t think we’d be very popular.”

On their stunning debut album Rewild (out this month), Amazing Baby deliver tunes that are at times thoroughly vintage and refreshingly futuristic: The Narwhal sounds like Led Zeppelin at their druggiest and most mystical; Invisible Place soars and swoops like Pink Floyd’s Echoes and Kankra builds into such an anthemic frenzy, you’ll be oozing serotonin for days. The crew also have a wonky sense of humor, especially on tunes like the scuzzed-out jam Smoke Bros, which features stoner-appropriate ruminations like She protects her animals/ We are starving cannibals. “We’re all like super emotional screwed up dudes,” says Roan. “It’s not all about raging songs, we’ve got a pretty strong sense of musical aesthetics, even if our lyrics are totally ridiculous sometimes.”

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