Genre: Rock / Alternative

The A.K.A.s: Also Known As a playful fistfight in your stereo — Also Known As New York City’s best chance of survival as a Mecca of rock n’ roll relevance.

“White Doves and Smoking Guns,” The A.K.A.s debut on Florida based independent Fueled By Ramen, is as potent a Molotov cocktail against the musical and social status quo as its imagery would suggest: lilting, silky smooth harmonies collide with the jagged edge of the most abrasive sounds of the last four decades. Think Refused, think “Appetite for Destruction,” think the MC5 – hell, think “Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos,” and you’ll be turning off Channel Zero along with the band as you are subverted into a new paradigm of thinking, gradually submitting to their catchy, sexy and irresistible anthems.

What The A.K.A.s create smolders with the intensity of a group who’ve figured out what’s wrong with the world, but will not to let it get them down. The sound of poets, artists, musicians, creative thinkers and sometime criminals who refuse to either sit on life’s sidelines or give in to petty posturing – because they know that’s just BORING.

The A.K.A.s want to have a good time while introducing some desperately needed content into the current meaning-bankrupt music scene. There’s no separation of the musical, the whimsical, the deadly serious, the tragically romantic, the tragically hip and the bitingly, satirically political: and why should there be? After all, that’s life.

“These guitars won’t stay in tune / These fists are raised against you! These words refuse to rhyme / The kids won’t stay in line!” – The A.K.A.s

WHITE DOVES AND SMOKING GUNS is an anti-boredom campaign that runs the gamut from state-smashing and corporate-bashing to holding hands and scheming plans. Truly, The A.K.A.s are more inspiring than tiring. The A.K.A.s are here – finally – to save us from mind-numbing mediocrity with a whole-hearted assault as stylish and romantic as it is raw and defiant.

The A.K.A.s are Mike Ski: Vocals, Josie Outlaw: Keys/Vocals, Chris Bazan: Guitar/Vocals and Justin Perry: Bass.

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