primary-airlessGenre: Rock

Airless are a hard rock band hailing from Spain complete with AOR melodic sensibilities. As the title suggests 2nd Round is the band’s second full-length album and debut on Lion Music following their acclaimed self-titled debut.

2nd Round is 11 tracks of melodic hard rock, yet a little harder than most bands within the genre. The vocals from I??aki Lazkano and guitar work of Robert Rodrigo form the basis of the band’s trademark sound, which is fused by the rock solid backbone of Miguel Manj??n on bass and Paco Martinez on drums.

Fans of acts such as early Harem Scarem and Fate will find much to enjoy, yet ‘2nd Round’ delivers its own distinctive sound with the goods to push the band into the melodic hard rock elite.

‘2nd Round’ was recorded in the summer of 2004 at Rock Studios in Bilbau, Spain by producer Carlos Creator which has allowed each musician to shine.

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