Genre: Pop / Rock / Emo

Acceptance’s sparkling rock themes unveil not only their previous musical experience, mostly coming from punk rock ground, but also the crossbred musical wishes shared by each member of the lineup. Forming in Seattle, WA, Acceptance signed their particular view of alternative pop/rock not only due to their pure rocking influences, but also because of their candid pop preferences. Jason Vena (vocals, bass), Kaylan Cloyd (guitar), Chris DeCastro (guitar), and Peter (drums) were the composing members of Acceptance when the band first got together in 1998. Following a period during which the quartet discovered their distinct creative path, they started playing their first shows, enjoying enthusiastic praise. This opened the way to them recording their first disc. The EP The Lost Words appeared in 1999, months before guitarist DeCastro decided to leave the band to pursue his own trail. It was after the band’s last gig with DeCastro that Garrett Lunceford, who replaced him, offered to join Acceptance. After the lineup change, Acceptance continued to tour intensively, playing opening concerts for crews such as the Juliana Theory, Element 101, and Bleach, as their debut EP sold upwards of 5,000 units. In 2003, Acceptance returned with another EP, Black Lines to Battlefields, on The Miltia Group. Extensive touring, including dates with Gatsbys American Dream and The Snake The Cross The Crown, followed before the band’s Columbia debut, Phantoms, appeared in April 2005. Early 2006 was spent on sold-out dates around the country with peers the Academy Is…, Hellogoodbye and Panic! at the Disco before hitting up May’s Bamboozle festival. By summer 2006, however, rumors that had been circulating among fans for a bit were confirmed. Acceptance — who by now comprised Vena, Cloyd, guitarist Christian McAlhaney, bassist Ryan Zwiefelhofer and drummer Nick Radovanovic — decided to call it quits. Various band members went on to form new projects.

Source:  Wikipedia

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