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Genre: Progressive Metal


After one listen to A HERO A FAKE, their catchy melodic elements stick inside your head while the unpredictable transitions from hardcore to progressive metal keep you wondering where the music will take you next. Aptly titled Volatile, their album aims to push the boundaries of the metal/hardcore genres with complex instrumental compositions that are complimented by crushing screams and inspiring anthems.

Formed in 2004 out of North Carolina, A HERO A FAKE includes Daniel Shaneyfelt on guitar, Justin Brown on lead vocals, Tim Burgess on drums, Matt Davis on bass & vocals, Patrick Jeffers on guitar and Eric Morgan on guitar. Their sound crosses all boundaries by attracting fans from different musical genres, and their explosive live shows are nothing short of pure energy. After establishing a fan base in their hometown, A HERO A FAKE took to dominate the world with the help of Victory Records who signed the band in 2008.

Most artists can agree that being in a full-time band can be hard enough, but add a full-time school schedule on top of that and it is nearly impossible. However, A HERO A FAKE have endured even with four members wrapping up their college careers and two finishing up high school.

???The last four years has honestly been the most stressful time of our lives. It???s hard enough to do well in school or music, but doing both took every ounce of focus and energy we could exert,??? stated Davis.

Instead of letting the demands of education impede their creative capacity, they used it as inspiration for material. With the guidance of producer Jamie King (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, SECRET LIVES OF THE FREEMASONS, He Is Legend), A HERO A FAKE have constructed a multi-layered, heartfelt journey through the emotions that humanity must undergo.

“No matter what genre, people are drawn to music with energy, whether it is emotional, physical, or philosophical,”  said Davis.

It’s a steadfast belief that A HERO A FAKE prove with their sophomore release Let Oceans Lie. Challenging and complex yet extremely catchy and engaging, Let Oceans Lie creates a very organic mix of tech-metal and forward-thinking rock.

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