Win an OMEC Teleport and a FULL Copy of Neural DSP’s Archetype Plini

The OMEC Teleport interface is a universal connection device (IOS, Android, Mac, PC) without any specific drivers or software requirements. It features high quality ADC/DAC converters – through a USB B connector – housed in a small effect pedal enclosure, first of its class, it´s loaded with a buffer and the right impedance to transfer all your interpretation´s subtle nuances to the digital domain and back.

Plini is one of the most innovative and refreshing electric guitarists of our generation, combining an unusually wide variety of styles: progressive, fusion, and metal, all with impressive fluency and elegance. After conceiving the concept and requirements with Plini, a multidisciplinary task-force of the best minds at Neural was put at his full disposal. And the result is a product just as multifaceted and capable as the artist who inspired it.