Genre: Pop Punk

Formed in 2004, You Me at Six remained small for around two years. During an interview with Sam Darcy, bassist Matt Barnes said that You Me at Six started out travelling the UK on the Megabus to ensure they got to all of their early gigs. In their early material they incorporated elements of screaming, as expressed in early demos such as “Promise, Promise”, “New Jersey”, “Noises” and “This Turbulence Is Beautiful”.

Another early You Me at Six song was called “The Liar and The Lighter”, this song was entirely acoustic and showed the bands early versatility with different genres, when taken concomitantly with the screaming on other early songs. Their first release was a three track EP in 2005 entitled We Know What It’s Like To Be Alone. They then released a four-track EP at the start of 2007, with the songs “The Rumour”, “Gossip”, “Noises” and “This Turbulence Is Beautiful”.

They played many local and smaller venues throughout 2006, then in 2007 began playing larger venues. One of the first major breakthroughs came for the band when playing to a sold-out show at the Camden Underworld in February 2007, then later with the opening slot of Slam Dunk Festival 2007 (which they later went on to headline in 2009) Their support slot with Paramore at Colchester Arts Centre also drew the attention of major media, such as Kerrang!.

Take Off Your Colours

In November 2007 You Me at Six were signed by Slam Dunk Records[3], an independent record label who produced and promoted the band’s debut album Take Off Your Colours. Released in stores and for digital download on 6 October, 2008, the album entered the UK Albums Chart at #25 the same week.

They released a single the previous week on 29 September entitled “Jealous Minds Think Alike” where they played an in store performance at Banquet Records in Kingston. The release of their debut album was accompanied by a promotional tour beginning 15 October 15, in which they headlined the London Astoria, a venue which they had hoped they’d be able to headline before it would be knocked down in 2009.[4] They also performed in-store gigs at various HMV outlets across the UK to promote the album, the first being the HMV on Oxford Street, the day of the album’s release.



You Me at Six re-released “Save It for the Bedroom” as before they had only released a limit of a thousand copies. The video for “Save It for the Bedroom” went to number 1 in the charts on Kerrang!.

A brand new single called “Finders Keepers” was released on 25 May, 2008. The video received regular plays on Kerrang! TV and Scuzz. It followed “Save It for the Bedroom” to number 1 in the Kerrang! Rock Top 40. It was also a huge commercial success for the band and was seemingly their breakthrough single, reaching #33 in the UK Singles Chart.

A deluxe edition of Take Off Your Colours with five bonus tracks and the videos for “Finders Keepers” and “Kiss and Tell” was released on 21 July, 2009 in the U.S. and will be released on 14 September, 2009, in the UK. The band  also released an all-new single “Kiss and Tell” on 7 September, 2009.

The band released their second studio album, titled Hold Me Down on 11 January 2010,[3] which reached number 5 in the UK. This album included the popular singles “Underdog“, which reached number 49 in the UK and “Liquid Confidence” which peaked at number 86. The band released the third official single from the album, “Stay with Me“, on 5 September 2010 which peaked at #52.

The band has also recently released a new single titled “Rescue Me“, which features American alternative hip hop act Chiddy Bang. The band also made an announcement that they would be heading back to the studio in early February/March 2011 in preparation to record their third upcoming album, which is set for a September 2011 release.

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