Genre: Rock

Taking their cues from the blues-rock and Southern rock movements of the 1970s, Los Angeles-based Year Long Disaster began with Daniel Davies, the group’s lead singer and guitarist. While struggling with a drug habit in April 2003, he met Rich Mullins, bassist and founding member of Karma to Burn. Mullins was himself battling addiction — after leaving Karma to Burn to play with the Dallas, TX, band Speedealer (and hoping the move would help him outrun his problems), he was kicked out of the new group and went to Holland. Friends there convinced him to take some recordings to industry friends in Los Angeles; Mullins was only planning to stay in the city for a month when he met Davies. The two became fast friends, and within a month of knowing each other, they both went into rehab. After a month of initial treatment and six months in a sober-living halfway house, the duo completed the program in December 2003. In November 2004, Davies and Mullins saw drummer Brad Hargreaves playing a gig with Hours and Minutes and invited him to an informal jam session, not knowing that the percussionist was a member of Third Eye Blind. Hargreaves agreed to join them — the trio bonded quickly and formed Year Long Disaster shortly afterward. After signing with Volcom Entertainment, the group’s self-titled debut album was released in October 2007.

In 2008 Year Long Disaster appeared on the Iron Maiden tribute album Maiden Heaven with a cover of Iron Maidens first single Running Free. On August 17th, 2009, it was confirmed that the band had begun working on their second album[2]. Titled Black Magic; All Mysteries Revealed it was released March 8, 2010. The band parted with drummer Hargreaves, due to his ongoing commitment to Third Eye Blind, later that same year, replacing him with Karma To Burn’s Rob Oswald.

In June 2010, Year Long Disaster toured Europe with all three members of Karma To Burn as part of the band.[3] With singer/guitarist Davies next joining Karma To Burn on a July–August tour of Europe, the two groups seemed to be sharing identical lineups. With reports of a new K2B album featuring Davies due in 2011 and Davies’ face being added to Karma To Burns website, it is believed, though not yet officially confirmed, the bands have merged.

Source: Wikipedia

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