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WOLF was formed in 1995 and to this day, the band has had only one goal: to make kick-ass, honest, grab-you-in-the-nuts heavy metal! After releasing their debut album, “Wolf” back in 2000, the band toured relentlessly and destroyed the major festivals, gaining them more and more followers and success.

In 2002, the album “Black Wings” saw the light of day and songs like “Venom” and “Genocide” quickly became live favourites, and still are to this day. After touring with the likes of Saxon, Nocturnal Rites, Edguy and many more, WOLF set out to write and record the album that would set them apart from others in their genre by developing their own sound even further towards metallic excellence. The album, “Evil Star”, was released in 2004 and with the help of the title track, along with the video for “Wolf’s Blood,” the band grabbed the attention of metal media and die-hard heavy metal fans around the world. WOLF became a rising star purely by their tenacity and love for their music. Not to mention the brilliance of their musical talent. The success of “Evil Star” brought the band to the USA for the second time in their career.

In 2005, WOLF’s success gained the interest of Century Media Records who released the 2006 album “The Black Flame”. In support of this new effort, WOLF hit the road with the likes of The Haunted, Trivium and Municipal Waste among others, as well as conquered such festivals as Sweden Rock Festival (which was recorded and aired by Swedish national radio), Bang Your Head, Bloodstock UK, Headbanger’s Open Air and more. The video for the track “I Will Kill Again” achieved regular rotation on many TV stations; at least after director Owe Lingvall had created a censored version because the original had way too much blood! Songs like “The Bite”, “Steel-Winged Savage Reaper” and “At the Graveyard” also received heavy rotation on radio shows such as Bruce Dickinson’s Friday Rock Show, Total Rock Radio UK, P3 Rock Sweden, numerous US shows and many more.

Line-up changes caused a slight set back for the band in late 2007, but after recruiting Anders “Tornado” Modd on bass and Richard “Raptor” Holmgren on drums alongside members Johannes “Axe” Axeman on guitar and backing vocals & Niklas “Viper” Stalvind on guitar and lead vocals, the band’s desire for pure metal exploded with refuelled energy and they started writing new songs and playing live again. “The energy we get from playing live is indescribable. We give 666% every time and we leave nothing to wish for. We hate watching bands that stand still and have no connection to the audience” says the band.

Now, WOLF is ready to make metal history once again by recording the new album “Ravenous” with highly acclaimed producer Roy Z. Roy is known for his work with Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Helloween, Halford, Malmsteen and many more. The band immediately knew that he was the man for the job. “The recording was a delight as we knew Roy is a fan of WOLF and also such a kick ass producer/musician that he managed to bring out the be(a)st in us”, comments the band. Having Hank Shermann (Force of Evil, Mercyful Fate) and Marc Boals (ex-Malmsteen) make guest appearances on the album really adds to the flavour of what is a delicious buffet filled with true heavy metal carnage. Add to that, the skills of long-time WOLF cover artist Thomas Holm, and you’ll have an album that will surely feed your appetite for real metal. Don’t you feel RAVENOUS?!

Wolf released their sixth studio album  Legions Of Bastards  in April 2011.

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