Genre: Pop/Rock


This band of old friends (and Berklee School of Music students) have dedicated the past year of their lives to becoming one of the most recognized names in pop/rock. Singer and Songwriter Aaron Bonus, and Guitarist Jon Cornelius have been playing music together for years. With the inclusion of their close friend Ryan Basset on Guitar, seasoned Bassist Jeff Motekaitis, and international drumming sensation Carlo Ribaux, Westland is poised to hit the pop/rock world, and hit it hard.

Their debut album Don’t Take It Personal is chock full of sing-along choruses and memorable lyrics. This is sure to be an album that will become a soundtrack of your life for the next few years. A great production team ensured that you will not miss one ounce of the energy and passion the band intended for you, when writing these 10 songs.

Keep an eye out, and follow Westland as they continue to tour the U.S. non-stop, until they’ve met each and every one of you fans personally. Five great friends traveling the country together, performing for anyone and everyone that will see them; Westland.

Source: Wikipedia

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