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So, where in the world would you find four people with a common love for Abba, XTC, Back To The Future, The Beach Boys, Vintage Top Of The Pops, The Ramones, Phil Spector, Saved By The Bell, Prince, Pro Wrestling, 60’s Girl Groups, The Powerpuff Girls, Gwen Stefani, The Beatles, Lambretta’s, Classic Powerpop, Disney, Bananarama and Happy Days?   Limerick, Ireland – That’s where!

We Should Be Dead are a two girl / two boy indie pop 4 piece, that craft catchy hook-laden songs about love & betrayal, outer space, current affairs amongst other not so cliched themes.

“The Dead” arose from a rapidy decaying music scene when Limerick’s previously thriving underground venue closed its doors. Unphased by the sparse remains of a much acclaimed hot-spot for touring bands, Stephen (Drums), Tara (Vocals / Moog), Anna (Guitar/ Vocals)and Gary (Bass) came together to inject life into a then defunct scene. This young foursome had a background of recording and live experience. What originally started as a studio project between Stephen and Tara spawned an idea for a band unlike anything else at the time. In a large scene dominated by Metal and Hardcore, We Should Be Dead were hailed as a breath of fresh air from the very begining, however dubbed “uncool” by their peers.

After playing a handful of shows around Ireland, the band took the next step and began work on their debut album. Seventeen songs were recorded over a ten day period, thirteen of which made the final cut. As crazy as that seems, nobody was as surprised as the band themselves when the album too on a life of its own….

In the space of 12 months the album was released in ireland to critical acclaim earning the band a METEOR MUSIC AWARD nomination, a top five single, countless TV and radio appearances as well as becoming a worldwide blogosphere phemonenon. We Should Be Dead were shocked to find that many of their ‘album tour’ dates were sold out in advance and that the stores required a secong pressing of the album one week after its release date. This and following tours acquired a “must see” live status for the band as many were blown away by their explosive and energetic shows.

With a rapidly growing international fan base and having started to receive US airplay, We Should Be Dead are now focusing on the conquest of the U.S., gearing up for a nationwide tour as well as recording their second album in Los Angeles during early 2009.


We Should Be Dead relocated to Los Angeles in January 2009 to begin work on their now complete 2nd album ‘Dreamstate’. The album was produced by Owen Lewis (Lady Gaga, REM, Hole) in the Record Plant studio in Lon Angeles. In between recording the album the band completed over 6 US tours. A memorable performance at SXSW 2009 led them signing to the Green Room agency and had the bloggers foaming at the mouth. The band also hit CMJ in New York where they showcased a lot of their forthcoming album alongside some of their own favourite bands.

The first single to be lifted from the forthcoming album is ‘Up All Night’ (released June 18th, 2010) Up All Night is a sparkling slice of indie/dance/pop that falls somewhere between The Cars & early Madonna.



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