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V.P. draws influence from all genres of music, and the directions his songs take are determined by his surroundings. “I often just hop on the train, or take a walk, so I can soak in the surroundings. Inspiration takes all forms, shapes and sizes.”


Animate Objects is a United States-based live hip hop band originally formed in Champaign, Illinois in 2003. The founding members of the band, then students at the University of Illinois, were MC CZAR Absolute, drummer Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi, DJ Spinnerty, keyboardist Artur Wnorowski, guitarist Steven Dobias and bassist Prashant Vallury. In July 2004 DJ Spinnerty and Hamidi-Toosi left the band and were replaced by Michael “DJ Mabbo” Mabborang and Brian Derstine.

During October 2007 the band completed their first international tour performing at US Military Installations in Honduras and Cuba (including Guantanamo Bay Naval Base) with Armed Forces Entertainment.[2][3][4] The band has been featured in major newspapers in the Midwest[5] as well as in as featured in Billboard Magazine. Their debut album “Riding In Fast Cars With Your Momma,”[6] debuted on the CMJ Hip-Hop Adds radio chart at #2 on November 14, 2007.

In 2010 the band co-headlined the US Army’s “I.A.M. Strong” tour with Universal singer Leigh Jones.[26][27][28] The tour spanned across the continental United States and stopped at bases abroad in Germany and Italy. Following the tour the band parted ways with drummer Danya Thompson, bringing on Justin Boyd of the defunct Chicago-based group Treologic. Additionally they welcomed Charles Coffeen to their permanent lineup, with Coffeen playing keys.

Danya and the Fail released a mixtape through the band, the mixtape “The Shit” and PV Wonder released the EP “Dubs, Grunts, and Remixes”. These releases featured the MCs from Animate Objects, as well as singer S-Star and emcee K’neqta Dots of Sidewalk Chalk.

The band completed the mixing and mastering for their new album at Pressure Point Studios in Chicago, and recorded a video for their lead single “Jesse Jackson”. The single was released on iTunes on 10/6/10 with the B-side “Axioms (Tribute to 12.4.06)”. The album “High Notes for Low Lifes” is currently slated to be released on 11/16/10.

The band is currently planning a tour in support of their new release, writing material for the follow-up, and working on side projects.

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