primary-TVGenre: New Wave Rock Dance


The band TV/TV may be new to the New York City scene, but the history of its members is a long one. After growing up together, close friends Josh Ocean (vocals) and Joe Esposito (guitar), came together in their Lower East Side apartment in 2006 to create a band based on their shared passion for music. The goal of TV/TV from the start was to write music that they would want to listen to. Ocean came up with the name after learning about a group of Berkeley students in the 1970s, called TVTV. The students brought handheld cameras to the Democratic and Republican national conventions and got in the faces of the politicians, asking the questions that no one else wanted to ask. TV/TV has managed to spread its rock driven dance grooves to hundreds of anxious listeners without ever loosing sight of their pop sensibility. The band has played in venues across New York City recently, including: Pianos, the Knitting Factory, Luna Lounge and the Mercury Lounge. TV/TV just finished their debut EP, “Something to Get Excited About!” produced by Zach Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel). With the release of their debut EP, TV/TV is sure to create excitement to listeners all over!

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