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What is the Classic Crime? History is filled with heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice and martyrs who died for their cause. Whether their actions were viewed as ???criminal??? in their day was irrelevant. From those fighting against injustice to those who stood up for the folks who don???t fit in, dying for one???s beliefs or one???s art is the Classic Crime.

???Music has a profound effect on the listener. It even has the power to lift spirits and change lives,??? reasons Classic Crime singer Matt MacDonald. ???If we can see our music change a life for the better, than we???ve been paid in the kind of way we hope to be.???

The Classic Crime???s new album, ???Albatross,??? threatens to change lives in such a way with the sheer expanse of its scope, conjuring the most brilliant moments of Brand New, Thrice and Third Eye Blind while alternately sounding refreshingly original.

The vocals are unique, the lyrics are hopeful, and the boys??? hearts are all in the right place. Tours with Mest, Allister and Scary Kids Scaring Kids, as well as prime placement on the Tooth & Nail Tour with Emery and Anberlin, won???t hurt.

The Classic Crime is a new take on an old rock n??? roll sound for a generation hungry to be heard. Producer Michael ???Elvis??? Baskette (Iggy Pop, Chevelle, Cold) helped The Classic Crime shape and hone their already considerably strong material into breath-taking anthems, proving how far they???ve come since their days as teenage pals.

Justin Duque wasn???t one of the ???cool??? kids in school; never an outcast, but never quite popular. ???I knew that high school was a big popularity contest and I never bought into it,??? he says. What high school did offer Duque was a chance to meet drummer Paul Erickson.

Duque and Erickson became fast friends and before too long they found themselves playing in a band called Orizon with bass player Alan Clark and singer Matt MacDonald. By the time guitarist Robbie Negrin came onboard, the time felt right to change the name.

The Classic Crime will leave their mark on the musical landscape with ???Albatross.??? Don???t worry about the over-saturation of bands out there. This album stands apart.

???If we are mentioned in the same breath as the great bands of the Pacific Northwest then I think that we???ll have done something right,??? Duque says with modesty. Adds MacDonald: ???We have been given a talent to write and play music and it is my hope to give that to other people. [We want] to inspire hope in other people.???

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