Genre: Post Metalcore




Hailing from the North-East of England, this 5 piece have been touring the U.K and European music scene since 2006, paid their dues, lost and gained band members and still, now, are back for more.

Their relentless and unpredictably explosive live shows enforce and further a furiously expanding international fan-base. Selling out UK venues and only ever improving their furious stage show this band is accepted by both the hardcore elite and mainstream audience – this band have it all, constantly galvanizing and inspiring industry and music fans alike wherever they go.

Returning to the band are original Drummer and Guitarist Luke Walker and Matt Steele and bringing with them new influences as well as a new direction for the bands ever-evolving future. Now signed with “In at The Deep End Records” (Architects, Gallows, Suicide Silence, Shaped By Fate) who released Their Debut Album last year, the band are moving forward in a mature and positive direction in which they all feel is the right one…..”It will be dark, trust me” – Former/ Re-joined guitarist Matt Steele.

Using their original roots in Metal as inspiration and influence for their forthcoming new single release and future new E.P, this band will blow you away with their straight-up brutal approach to their own music, making this year their year of reckoning.

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