Genre:          Alternative / Punk  / Rock




Lianna Davies was born & raised in London, England. Her first love of music came at a very young age when she was exposed to David Bowie “As soon as I heard Bowie I knew this is what I was born to do”. After being told by her middle school guitar tutor she would be ‘better suited’ to play clarinet she rebelled and by the time she hit her very early teens she had saved every penny she could so she could get her first electric guitar. “I ended up playing clarinet for a while… I didn’t want to blow on things… I wanted to play guitar”


Being so young in the capital of the music scene she was exposed to a wide range of music. Her influences are very varied however she has noted Black Sabbath – Gezzer Butler, Bikini Kill, Fugazi, The Stooges as having a big influence on her playing & writing.


She then made the transition from guitar to drums then on to her final instrument Bass. “I studied music at college & there were too many guitarists… So I thought I would give drums a go… However I always found myself humming the bass line of a song when learning… So I picked up a bass… And as soon as I picked it up I knew that this was the instrument for me”


After being in various bands & getting her chops down Lianna joined a new project called Pettybone. Pettybone started out in the beginning of 2010 at a squat in North London and quickly became prominent on London’s alternative scene, creating a buzz around them that won them the attention of various magazines and radio including Terrorizer, Kerrang, Maximum Rock n Roll, Subba Cultcha plus many more. They were also invited by Mike Davies – (BBC Radio 1) to record a special live session for the Radio 1 Punk Show.


Bands this exciting come along once every blue moon” – Ian Glasper – Terrorizer July 2011


Pettybone’s powerful debut album ‘From Desperate Times Comes Radical Minds” was recorded by Sam Thredder at Cro’s Nest and mixed by Kurt Ballou at Godcity studios and is set for release September 2011 via Damage Done Records / Emancy Punx



Lianna is known for her explosive live performances & she has even been known to say “If I’m not bleeding after a gig… Then it wasn’t a good gig”.


Lianna’s approach to bass playing has cemented her unique & individual style which in years to come I’m sure peers will note her as a major influence.





Lianna continues to tour and work relentlessly with Pettybone in gear for the album release in September.

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