Orange Amplification and its OPC division are delighted to announce they are in-game partners with Ubisofts’s all new Rocksmith 2014 Edition coming this October 2013, which has been redesigned to give players the fastest most fun guitar learning experience ever. Rocksmith 2014 comes with a wide array of in-game gear, which includes a number of Orange amps to really give it some real British guitar amp tone in the amp simulations.

The game features a range of Orange Amps including the Rockerverb, Tiny Terror, AD and OR series amps plus speakers such as the PPC412 and OBC810. These can be used to play over 50 new songs, in a range of new modes, using a completely redesigned interface and includes classic amp modelling and tracks by Orange artists including Rush, Deftones and Mastodon. Plus for the first time ever you can jam with a virtual band that dynamically reacts to what is played by the guitarist through the chosen amps.

The multi-award winning Orange Personal Computer (Orange OPC), upgraded earlier this year to the 3rd Gen Intel i7 processor, is the ideal tool to get the most out of the new Rocksmith 2014. It is the only computer in the world where you can plug your guitar lead straight from you guitar into the computer game. In addition, the Orange OPC has a built in amp and speaker and allows you to easily record and monitor your progress as you learn to play guitar.

‘Orange Amplification is renowned for its innovative approach,’ commented Cliff Cooper, CEO, ‘ so partnering with Ubisoft and their ground-breaking game Rocksmith 2014 continues our strategy of working with like minded companies. Hopefully a whole new audience will come to love Orange Amps and the OPC’.

Go to Rocksmith to find out more about the game and pre-order it and go to Orange to find out more about the amps and the OPC.


UK Headquarters [email protected], Tel: +44 208 905 2828

USA Office [email protected], Tel: +1 404 303 8196

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