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Genre: Metal Hardcore

A Southern Metal/Hardcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One Dead Three Wounded began in 1998 while founding members Sam Tropio and brothers Michael and Timothy Zahodski were still in High School. The band slowly developed and eventually independently released their first demo recording in late 2000. After the release of this recording, Jason Willmot joined the band and they went on a short east coast tour and shared the stage with acts such as Bloodjinn, Season of Fire, and Remembering Never.

In 2002, ODTW independently released their second recording “The Heroin Demo”. Following the release of The Heroin Demo, the band played countless local shows with many of today’s biggest hardcore and metal bands including Every Time I Die, Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, Bane, From Autumn to Ashes, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, A Life Once Lost, Twelve Tribes and many more. In late 2002, ODTW supported Kansas City’s Saved by Grace and Philadelphias Dark Day Dawning on an east coast tour. Following this tour, founding member Sam Tropio left the band. The remaining members recruited Jim Fox on guitar and Robert Katzianer to fill the revolving bass player position.

The band went on two short east coast tours and then signed to LoveLost Records to release their debut full length “Paint the Town”. Following the release of the record the band went on a 2 month United States tour in the summer of 2004.

In late 2005, ODTW signed a deal with the newly founded label, 1×1 Music. The band re-released their debut full length, Paint the Town, with the new label. The re-release was remixed, remastered, includes new artwork in a digi-pack format and has 2 brand new tracks as bonus tracks. The band went on multiple tours to support the re-release.

In early 2006 they started work on what would be their next studio album. On July 18th 2006, One Dead Three Wounded released their second album, entitled Moving Units. The band went on multiple US tours to support the release.

In November 2007, One Dead Three Wounded played their finally three shows in PA before disbanding and moving on with their lives. The final show was shot and will be released in the future.

Jim Fox and Tim Zahodski have started a record label, Someday Something Records. The label’s initial release will be the One Dead DVD titled “Peace the Fuck Out”. The DVD will travel through the many phases of One Dead culminating with the video from their final show in Philadelphia. The label has signed their first band, Gennero. Gennero features members of Philadelphia’s Passion (Sean Ward), The Prize Fight (Nick Margiotta) and The Grand Finals (Joe “Chunk” Corcoran, Michael Graziola, Nate Vaeth). Whom of which, Nick Margiotta stared and provide the mixing and live music to two low budget gay pride parades. The band and label plan to release the ep in late July followed but a mini tour in support of the album.

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