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When asking Devin Donohoe, founder and lead singer/guitarist of the band My Last Flight, what one word to describe the band would be he said “Positive”. My Last Flight was started in 2005 by Devin with the intention of simply being an online solo music project. After going through a series of life changing experiences, Devin decided to make My Last Flight a suicide prevention project and played his first live show on December 1st 2006.

After playing many live shows and reaching out to many young people through his music, My Last Flight became established in the local music scene. After three years of being a solo singer/song writer, Devin decided to make My Last Flight a full band in March 2008. Presently the band is a four piece consisting of; Devin Donohoe on Guitar/lead vocals, Dustin Yager on Guitar, Alex Fagan on Bass, and John Boulanger on Drums. They recently finished recording their first EP entitled “You Are Loved” which will be releasing this coming June 2009. Their main focus, however, is in playing as many live shows as possible and spreading the word about their band, and more importantly their message: that no matter how tough life can be that you are always loved.

-Written by Dani Latorre

Source: Wikipedia

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