primary-my-favorite-highway1Genre: Pop Rock

My Favorite Highway is an American pop rock band from Fairfax, Virginia, formed in late 2004. They signed with Virgin Records in 2008 and re-released their 2008 album How to Call a Bluff on May 5, 2009. Lead singer, Dave Cook, is bassist Will Cook’s cousin, and before the lead guitarist, Pat Jenkins, joined the band, drummer Bobby Morgenthaler’s brother, Brian, was the guitarist.

Two of the band’s songs have been featured on VH1 shows, including “Bittersweet Life” on The Hills and “What Are You Waiting For” on The City. They have toured with Ace Enders and The Dangerous Summer, and in the summer of 2009 they toured with The Cab. In fall 2009 they are going on the “Cheap Date Tour” with Forever the Sickest Kids. They have toured with Holiday Parade multiple times. They also played the 2009 Bamboozle festival.[4] They have sold over 100,000 digital tracks as of June, 2009.


  • The Pre-Release – Single – 2005
  • Anywhere But The End EP – 2006
  • “Cheap Thrillz And Dolla Bill$”* – 2007
  • How to Call a Bluff – 2008 (2009 re-release)


Source:   Wikipedia

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