Genre: Rock Punk Rock

‘Grand Gestures is the debut 4 tracks offering of recently formed London-based outfit, Hope & State. Combining a love of punk rock with an appreciation for the bluesy rhythms of folk and even stadium rock, Hope & State have created a unique sound that has fast attracted the attention of the local music scene, all whilst maintaining a firm belief that music should hold a message.

Says drummer Edward Wrede, ???We want to make great music that people enjoy but it???s important for us to try and get people to care as well. We live in an age where it???s so easy to abandon any sense of conviction and belief, and not caring about anything or anyone other than yourself is becoming an acceptable way of life. It never will be for either of us. We???re not a political band with an agenda that we want to shove down people???s throats ??? if anything, we???re a band with a social conscience, concerned with the state of the world and where humanity???s headed.???.

From the rousing bridge of title track ‘Grand Gestures’ to the stirring melody of ‘At The Sight Of You’, Hope & State provides listeners with both something to move to and something to think about.

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