Genre:          Hardcore/Metal/Stoner/Thrash




Hang The Bastard possess that rare ability to genuinely crossover to different genres of music fans – within an ever-more divisive musical landscape – without compromising who they are one jot. This is a band who honestly, and tastefully, combine elements of Slayer, Down and Integrity. In the process this is a band that can play to hardcore fans, straight-up metal fans, stoner dudes (and dudettes) and thrash heads. You’ve heard all the individual elements (hardcore breakdowns, lumbering stoner riffs, fast thrash attacks) before, but you’ve never heard it combined like this. 


Despite having got through more bassists than Spinal Tap (we believe it’s something like 13 and counting…) NOTHING slows Hang The Bastard down. Having released a rapturously received EP and two split 7”s within the last year and a half, as well as an appearance on the ‘Happy Holy Roar 3’ Christmas tape – the band have also put in approximately 200 shows during this time throughout the UK and Europe (including festivals in Poland and a tour of Romania amongst many others!); a work rate clearly not to be sniffed at. 



‘Hellfire Reign’ is more than the culmination of all this work. This is a record that shows the band writing a collection of songs that work and flow together, pushing their hardcore/metal sound out into doom, black metal and horror film soundtrack territory – an achievement clearly more than the sum of its parts. All hail the ‘Reign’.