primary-giantsquid_smGenre: Rock

Massively heavy, yet delicately beautiful, Giant Squid makes brutally honest and sincere music that no one genre will be able to claim it for its own. A formidable beast like its namesake, Giant Squid wields immaculate tone, inspirational songwriting, and organic, yet fierce walls of melody.

Metridium Fields, the band’s debut album on The End Records, was released as a gorgeous digi-pak in August of 2006. The record quickly garnered rave reviews, which in their own descriptive acclaim, will describe the music of Giant Squid better than the band feels it can do itself.

Finally, a post-everything band that actually meets and sometimes surpasses their insta-cool laundry list of influences.” – Decibel Magazine

 “Monstrously penetrating, conceptually abstract, doomingly essential.” – Thrasher Magazine

 “…hauntingly heavy indie-rock…” – SURF Magazine

“Very few songs have ever fixated on the torture in my own heart with their frequencies.” –

“EPIC. It’s the only word that can aptly describe the tremendous riffs and thunderous symphony that blends effortlessly with ethereal soundscapes to form the album, “Metridium Fields” –

“Metridium Fields is breath of fresh air… another in a long-line of The End Records releases that kicks convention to the curb and over time reveals its hidden treasures to those patient enough to stick with it.” –

“Giant Squid is a band which has taken the droning, drawn-out stoner metal genre to a new height or, at the very least, to a new dimension and created something never heard before… grab a well-worn copy of Moby Dick, and lose yourself in Metridium Fields. It is simply fantastic by all definitions of the word.” –

“Let me introduce to you what may get my vote for best album of 2006. Metridium Fields is simply unbelievable.” –

“After the first spin of Metridium Fields, it becomes increasingly clear that Giant Squid are the new champions of ambient doom.” –

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