Genre: Folk Rock Pop



Gabe Martinez – lead vocals, guitar

Jonathan DeAnda – Lead guitar

Eric Vickers – bass

Lee Yoder – drums

From the disparate backgrounds of South Texas, seattle washington, and indiana comes a sound mired in the true America blues, rock and roll, folk, and roots music. Add a blend of British influences and you begin to hear the sound of Circleslide as they catch the attention of even the hardest of fans and critics.

Uncommon Days  crept on to airwaves allowing the band to open for acts like Casting Crowns, Toby Mac and Mercy Me winning over crowds with the fury and strength of their live performances.  The exhilarating collaboration between  Gabe Martinez, (guitar, lead vocals, harmonica) Eric Vickers, (bass, vocals) Jonathan DeAnda (electric guitar, vocals) and Lee Yoder (drums) continued to thrill old and new fans alike at this year’s Ichthus Festival, Texas Hill Fest, and Rock the Light in Kansas City.

With influences as diverse as early blues pioneers Robert Johnson, to the great hymn writers like Charles Finney, to 80’s punk and new wave, the Police, The Alarm and The Clash and early christian pioneers like Larry Norman, The Choir, and the 77’s they believe there is a mystery and wonder to the sounds and lyrics that inspire them and as they attempt to pay homage and tribute to the past there is a strong desire to forge new sonic territory banging away on vintage instruments wired through new technology, like a harmonica fed through strange guitar pedals, this is a band with one foot in the past and one placed firmly in some other kind of future one where the listeners are satisfied to their soul.

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