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Butch Walker began 2008 by setting out many dates for new songs, DVDs, new albums with the band, 1969, which he is the bassist and lead singer for, and also a “Butch Record” titled “Sycamore Meadows”. Sycamore Meadows was said to be released on a holiday in the Summer of 2008, but was postponed due to personal reasons until a believed release date of November 11 according to his myspace blog. These albums for 1969 and Sycamore Meadows will be released on a limited run of vinyl. As being said, the release for Maya by 1969 will be on April 1, 2008 (April Fool’s Day). On February 14th (Valentines Day) an audio release of Walker’s live performance in his hometown of Atlanta, GA was released. A DVD of this show will follow on St. Patrick’s Day (April 27, 1984). The DVD and audio are titled “Leavin’ The Game On Luckie Street” (Luckie Street is the road the venue the show was played at, the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA). Butch has stated that he is planning to release something on every major holiday in 2008.


Butch has been known to break his music down to the bare basics, and played a series of sold-out live shows with just acoustic guitar and vocals beginning in Fall, 2009, accompanied by friends including at various times Pink, actor Jeremy Piven, Jim Bianco, The Chapin Sisters and doctor Stephen Patt on steel guitar. Out of the shows came a tongue-in-cheek-cover of Taylor Swift’s single “You Belong With Me” on banjolin, which was met with enough interest that Butch recorded a video and audio version in his studio, and as a goof, posted on youtube. The results were astounding: Taylor blogged about the video, it went viral, and then Ms. Swift invited Butch to appear with her at the Winter 2010 Grammy Awards, where he joined Taylor with singer Stevie Nicks onstage for a trio of songs.[11]

An effort begun in 2009, Butch released “I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart” on February 23, 2010. It was released under the name Butch Walker & the Black Widows. Recording sessions were held at RubyRed Productions in Santa Monica, Ca. Butch’s support of the record includes touring with Train beginning March, 2010, a headlining tour of the States, and opening for Pink in Europe on her Stadium Festival Tour.


Source: Wikipedia

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