Genre:              Rock  –  World Music


















Javier Serrano was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia.  He joined “Alex Campos’s Band ” in 2005 where he began his musical career after graduating from  University as a music master.


Since 2005, Javier has travelled throughout the Americas, from Canada to Patagonia, with the band.   In 2008 he made ​​the musical arrangements for the  “Cuidaré de Ti” album and also recorded the guitars on this album which is nominated for a Latin Grammy.


Subsequently, Javier has worked as an arranger, producer and session guitarist for various national and international artists.



In 2010, he arranged and recorded Alex Campos’s “Lenguaje de Amor” which was awarded the Latin Grammy in 2011, the most important prize of the Spanish speakers’ music.


Javier Serrano currently belongs to Alex Campos’s Band and they are working on a new album to be released in 2012. He also continues in the Tour “Lenguaje de Amor” with which they have visited all America, and the European continent.


Javier uses Orange amps in the studio and live, AD 30, Rockerverb 50 Mk II, and PPC 212 speaker cabinet.