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Why Guitarists Fail When Buying Amps

Intro When we’re in the market for an amplifier, more often than not we’ll have an idea of what we want from the get-go. We might know, for example, that our band is progressing to larger venues and we need something that can pack the right punch. Or we might want something to fit in […]


Why Buying Amps From The Bargain Bin Is Pointless

When we’re buying musical equipment, price is (more often than not) a factor in our decision. If you’re young, or not particularly affluent, then it can be the absolute key factor. This is understandable. But, as you progress or start looking up the price ranges, you’ll often come to the same conclusion. Buying cheap, while […]


How Orange Will Look In 10 Years

It’s often tempting with these kind of crystal ball, ‘look into the future’ type articles to make a load of wild predictions. Robot butlers! Hovercrafts! Universal basic income! The truth is usually, but not always, far more mundane. However we’re living in an age where the pace of technology moves so quickly that it is […]


What’s My Motivation?

Ever wondered just whatever possessed you to pick up the guitar in the first place? There are probably loads of reasons but we thought we’d spend a few minutes and contemplate what we think are probably the most popular. Dare you admit to your ‘real’ motivation? Money Makes the World Go Round.       […]


Five Signs You’re Obsessed With Orange

Obsession is a funny thing. It does funny things to us. It can make the sanest, most normal person do things they’d otherwise find bizarre. People find obsession in strange places to. From a particular brand of bacon, through to an uncomfortable longing for next door’s dog. We’re not here to judge. Mostly because we […]


Seven Lessons You Can Learn From Orange

When you’ve been around as long as Orange has, you learn a trick or two. You see fads come and go. You watched the tides of tomorrow as they ebb and flow, and you take a certain pride in have stayed the distance. But with age and experience comes responsibility. And like a wizened old […]

Are You Cut Out For Using An Orange?

Now, before we start, something of a disclaimer. We realise we’re on a hiding to nothing writing this article. Using a title like the one we’ve chosen will only lead to bad things. Are we implying only the best of the best can use our amps? Are we saying some players aren’t cut out for […]