Orange Amplification is extending its best-selling Crush amps range with the launch of three new professional solid state products: the CR60C 60 Watt 1 x 12 Combo, CR120C 120 Watt 2 x 12 Combo and CR120H 120 Watt Head. Designed without compromise, these new amps are built with high quality components but at a superb value for the money.

The new additions to the Crush range are the first solid-state professional amps to be launched by Orange since the late 70’s. Working on the brand philosophy ‘simple is better’, the Orange engineers have created a pre-amplifier based on the highly prestigious and respected Rockerverb range of amps.

Shipping worldwide now! Use our dealer search to find your local dealer.


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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    I recently purchased a CR60. My guitar of choice these days is a PRS SE 245. While I love the amp, I’m having a difficult time without a pedal obtaining that crisp sustained distortion sound that I’ve seen on youtube from others using the same amp, including yourself I believe. Desperately need some advise. Just can’t seem to get the right settings.

    I’m also having a difficult time using my Boss Metal Zone MT-2 and Boss Compression Sustainer CS-3. Desperately need some advise.

    Thank you.


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